Making Sure That the Blinds You Need Get Ordered and Installed Correctly

This situation usually happens with shades, not only the older type of window blinds but the newer ones as well. The newer type might be ones that have an accordion look to them, or they are a heavier wood shade, or they have two pull cords; one to pull the whole shade up or down, the other will lower the shade to get some light, but no one can see in.

You might think that if you choose to use shades for your windows instead of blinds, that this problem will be eliminated, but that isn't always the case. Most shades seem to be easily removed as you can pop out one side and then the other and they go back in the hardware fairly easily.

Even then, the hardware itself could be installed too close to where the screen frame resides. If either the shades or the blinds are installed right next to the screen, which is very common, then the screen won't be able to be cleaned properly.

This may not seem to matter when the windows and screens are still new as it takes several years, sometimes, for the screens to get bad. Unless you live in an area where there are cottonwood trees, then the screens might get dirtier than you ever imagined. Those little fuzzy things that fly around and can cover the ground seem to in-bed themselves in the screens and around the hardware making it look like you haven't cleaned them in years, where it may have only been six months ago.

Many homeowners get someone from a blind company to come in and order shades for them. I don't know whether the homeowner requests that the top of the shade is flush with the inside of the window frame or whether the blind people are used to measuring them that way, but that isn't the best way to install them.

When shades are flush with the inside of the window frame or wood trim, it usually means the screen will be very difficult to remove, if it can be removed at all. By this I mean that the hardware is facing the opposite side of the window frame rather than facing into the room itself.

Sometimes the screen can still be removed if the wood trim has enough depression between where the screen will 'sit' and where the hardware for the shade is, but even then, often the screen will still get stuck near the crank of the window. It might be possible to take the screw out of the crank and remove it, but that doesn't always work either. If it's too tight of a fit it could bend the screen, and if that happens even slightly then bugs will get in easily.

I've seen some homes where some of the screens will come out as enough room was left for the screens removal, and other rooms where they won't come out at all.

One way to get around this is to completely remove the hardware from each of the windows to enable either a window washer or the homeowner to then remove the screens to clean them and the windows. Another way is to roll open and clean the inside of the window from the outside. The main problem with this, is that it's very difficult to clean the screen. It's hard to reach all sections of the screen as parts are hidden by the open window itself and the hardware on the outside of the window.

The only way that it works for the blinds or shades to be that close to the screens is if the screens are removed from the bottom of the window, where the springs are on top of the screens, and the screens just need to be pushed up and pulled out. When that is the case, it should be no problem to work with the situation. From experience, though, that is rarely the way it is.

Screens generally come out of the window frame in three different ways, depending on the type of screen you have and again this is when the screen is on the inside of the window. They will either have the springs on the top of the screens so that they can be pulled out from the bottom (very rare), the springs are on the sides and are pulled out from the opposite side and the majority have the springs on the bottom and pull out from the top.

Another things that makes it difficult is if the windows are on a second or third story. Hopefully there aren't any crossbars in the window in that situation because the person cleaning the window has to remove them first to access the window. Then they have to hold onto the ladder and the crossbars without breaking them or dropping them while cleaning the window. Once the window is cleaned and the screen somewhat wiped down as best as can be, then they have to put the crossbars back into place which can be hard from the inside of the window while standing on the floor, let alone on a ladder.

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