Window shades or blinds? Which is better?

it all depends on your situation. you can get mini blinds quite cheaply (and apartments use those as well). years ago we used the wide slat blinds and had to clean and wax them yearly, what a pain, but the ones made today you'd just rinse them in sudsy water to clean them.

There was a time when in the news they said there was something in the plastic or metal that was bad for kids, plus kids would strangle themself in the strings so then you'd have to make the strings shorter. I can tell you I found my cat hanging, making the curtains fluttered when she caught her arm in the strings (apartment blinds) and thank goodness I got there in time.

I have both blinds and a nice bedspread over mine windows and have 4 layers to help block out the heat and sun. Some people buy shades for the purpose of darkening the room so they can sleep. You can combine these if you want.

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